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Even the most heel-happy girls have to admit, there comes a time when winter are unavoidable. Unless you’ve living in a luxuriously antiflurry locale (we’re looking at you, Southern California!), you’ve likely encountered a few snowstorms inREAD MORE

It All Comes with the Cold Water (Kemur Allt Með Kalda Vatninu)

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We are in Iceland this week with the incorrigible @LyallAston with a modern take on our century old history. #mensfashion IF YOU WERE HERE TOMORROW YOU'D WEAR ZDAR! ZDARUSA.COM . #Sheep and #wool have been woven into the fabric of human civilization for more than 10,000 years. After all these millennia wool is still a major cornerstone for warm winter #boots #Lambswool #winterfashion #yogafun #campvibes #neverstopexploring #natureaddict #getoutstayout #getoutthere #getoutdoors #mountainlife #wildernessculture #welltravelled #wanderlust #lifeofadventure #letsgosomewhere #zdarboot not your ugly #uggs #winterishere #iceland #skogafoss #skogafosswaterfall lyallaston : To Odin, God of Words The right word stands like a stone upthrust in a field. Weathered, worn, Shaped by its hardest core, None but itself, Horg to its own meaning. Each word, a stone Tumbled on the stream-bed. My numbed fingers sift among them, A whispering wind whistles in through the window, a god-wind gusts in through the door! The Wanderer´s wonder is whirling around you, each moment the magic is more. #Odin #iceland #lyallaston #beards #vikings

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So is going to be an epic winter here in the U.S. & Canada?

Is it going to be an epic winter here in the U.S. & Canada?

If you put 1,000 meteorologists in a room and asked for a forecast, guess what you’d get? Yup…1,000 different forecasts and 1,000 different reasons why they’d be right! Just about everyone has their favorite method for predicting the winter – number of acorns, woolley worm


Gangelt, Germany, Scottish Highland cattle.

A 17-year-old student from Gangelt, Germany, growing up with Scottish Highland cattle. #winterwalkwithzdar #winterwonderland #wanderlust #exploreeverything #chasingsnow #Instagood #lifeofadventure


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